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50th Anniversary Tour - Moseley

The 50th anniversary tour visited the area around Moseley, as the steel bells which hang in St. Mary's were orignally hung in St. Maries, Sheffield!

Saturday 10 May 2008

09:30 - 10:15St Nicholas, Kings Norton10, 17-1-6 E
10:45 - wheneverSt Mary's, Moseley8, 16-3-8 Db (ish!)
 Lunch, JD Wetherspoons
14:00 - 14:45St Bartholomew, Edgbaston8, 10-0-14 Ab
15:30 - 16:15St Chads, Birmingham city8, 15-3-6 F
16:45 - 17:45St Martins, Birmingham city16, 39-1-19 C

It was an early start to an interesting day when we all met at quarter past seven on Northumberland Road, in the (soon to be – as promised by Jenny- glorious) sunshine. Fifteen minutes was spent map reading as routes were decided upon and then we all piled into Claire and Dan’s cars.

An hour and a half (two hours in Claire’s car) was spent in cramped and hot condition’s travelling to our first tower of the day, this was St Nicholas in Kings Norton. These were a nice ring of ten, even with the surprisingly light front few bells. This was a landmark opportunity for Dan, as this was the first time he had rung on more than eight. Following this we journeyed to Moseley, to ring on St Marie’s old steel bells.

We were greeted with Tea, toast and two more ringers, Peter and Jane. We got the first taste of how eventful these rusty old bells would be when we started ringing up, with sallies flying around the room and the very ‘unique’ sound which echoed through the church. We were offered the opportunity to go onto the roof to listen to the bells as they were ringing. Several of us braved the steep stairs and mountaineered over bars to get to the top, where the view was stunning and the bells sounded ‘delightful’. A very enthusiastic Moseley historian offered to show us the Moseley Dove Cote and take us for a walk around the private park, where some of us decided to bask in the (correctly predicted) sun, whilst the others wondered around the lake.

We then had a lovely lunch at a very sausage orientated pub, where the menu included: pork and leek, pork and caramelised onion, and lamb sausages. These were served with a very healthy (or rather un-healthy) large portion of salad or chips.

After some digestion we arrived at the next tour, St Bartholomew in Edgbaston, the old church, which is where BUSCR practice. We were joined at this tower by Tim’s mum and dad, who stayed with us for the rest of the tour. These bells were a pleasant ring and were enjoyed by all of us.

It was at this point where we abandoned the cars for public transport. At the bus stop we were greeted by a rather old and shaky bus, for what was to be a VERY hot journey. Some miles and several Jaffa Cakes later we arrived outside the Bullring shopping centre. Tim then offered to lead us to St Chad’s cathedral. This turned into a very scenic walk, as Tim discovered that, despite originating from Birmingham, his knowledge of the city centre was a little lacking. One phone call to Tim’s parents later, we arrived outside the cathedral and were welcomed by one of the local ringers, who strangely proceeded to inform us how to escape should we get locked in! The eight bells at this tower were a great contrast to Moseley, as they sounded beautiful and despite the small sweaty ringing room we rung for forty five minutes.

We then proceeded to our final tower of the day, St Martin’s. Here we managed such feats as, rounds on fifteen, Plain Bob Royal and Grandsire Cinques. We were all baffled as to which bells we should ring out of the sixteen! While we were ringing it began to pour with rain, which caused much delight to Dan and John, who had been hoping for rain all day, but left everyone else concerned as we were not prepared for such a storm.

The following bus ride back to Edgbaston was even hotter than the previous one, as the hot and now wet ringers decided to sit at the back...above the engine. Minutes of sweaty and cramped conditions passed, before we returned to our cars, which followed with even more sweaty and cramped conditions on the way back to Sheffield.

This was a very enjoyable tour celebrating fifty years of SUGCR, thank you very much for organising this Claire! :D

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