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Easter 2004 Tour

Friday 2 April 2004 (Evening)
Arrive at Worcester.

Saturday 3 April 2004
Method for the outing will be Double Norwich Court Bob Major. Arguments about the best way to learn the method will take place. 5 Spliced Surprise Major may also be attempted if a band is to be had.

10:45 - 11:30Pershore, Abbey of Holy Cross, 8, 25-2-0, SO 947457
11:30 - 12:00Pershore, Parish Centre, 8, 9-0-18, SO 948458
LunchThe March Hare, Broughton Hackett
2:30 - 3:15Hanbury, SMV, 8, 12-1-15, SO 954644
3:45 - 4:30Dodderhill, St Augustine, 8, 18-2-4, SO 902637
5:00 - 5:45Hallow, St Philip & St James, 8, 21-2-17, SO 828579
Evening Pub - The Alma, Diglis, Worcester

Sunday 4 April 2004
Service Ringing

09:30 - 10:00 & 10:20 - 10:30All Saints
10:00 - 10:30St Swithun
09:00 - 10:30Cathedral
Meet up for Coffee in Marks and Spencer on the High St after ringing.
LunchKidderminster Area
2:00Ringing on the new 12 at Kidderminster (Courtesy of Hayley Morris)

Account by Ruth Wilson

This year the Easter tour was in Worcester as Peter kindly offered to organise it and provide free accommodation for the weekend. We arrived at Peterís house in Worcester on Friday evening to a very nice surprise of chilli and potatoes and a barrel of beer!! The provisions were so good that Friday evening was spent at Peterís house and there was plenty of entertainment- highlights include a sword fight in the back garden (I still donít think the tree has recovered yet!), a singing dancing penguin, and even, strangely, hand-bells. We also managed to drink our way through the best part of a barrel of beer.

Saturday morning was a surprising late start for a tour which was appreciated by all the drinkers from the night before! The first tower was Pershore Abbey, where we had the first lock out! Unfortunately the tower correspondent had gone on holiday and forgotten to tell anyone we were coming, but we did manage to get in eventually. Pershore Abbey is quite an unusual ring as it is in a cage suspended from the middle of the tower, which some of the ringers found less than appealing.

The rest of the day ensued without incident, with ringing at Hanbury, Dodderhill and Hallow

In the evening we braved the torrential rain to get to the pub! We struck gold with a pub that did good beer, had sport on the TV for the lads and had a games room (although this was not a very safe place to stand due to the darts flying everywhere but the dart board)

Sunday was Palm Sunday, and so the group was split up to ring at various towers around Worcester centre including All Saints, St Swithunís and Worcester Cathedral. This was much appreciated by the ringers of Worcester as they could ring extra towers that would otherwise have been silent.

After lunch Hayley had kindly organised ringing on the new bells at Kidderminster for everybody which are, thankfully, a massive improvement since the recasting

The good thing about this Easter tour was the number of past members who came. This meant we could ring many more methods than would have been possible without them, and that it was nice to have a bigger crowd of people. We hope that as many, if not more of the past members will be on next years tour to Guilford.

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