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Easter 2005 Tour - Guildford

Friday 8 April 2005 (Evening)

16.30 17.30St Peter, Old Woking (8 bells, 17cwt)
Accommodation: Guildford Scout and Guide shop, Nightingale Road, Guildford.

Saturday 9 April 2005

9.15 10.15Holy Trinity, Guildford (8 bells, 24cwt)
11.00 12.15Guildford Cathedral (12 bells, 30cwt)
LunchPicnic lunch and (weather permitting) boating on the Wey!!
15.00 16.00St Nicolas, Guildford (10 bells, 22cwt)
16.15 17.00St Mary, Guildford (6 bells, 15cwt)
17.30 18.15St John the Evangelist, Stoke next Guildford (6 bells, 7cwt)
Evening Pub - Back to the Hall for food then out to the pub

Sunday 10 April 2005
Sunday service ringing
Wetherspoons breakfast

The University of Sheffield, Western Bank, Sheffield, S10 2TN, UK