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Intro 2004 Tour

Account by Ruth Wilson

This year the intro tour stayed quite local with ringing at Wortley Bolsterstone, Bradfield and Ecclesfield

Charlotte liked the church at Wortley so much that she started planning to have her wedding there!! (All she needs to do now is find a willing bridegroom)

The tours we rang at seemed to have worse than usual taste in bell chamber carpet, and so most of the photos are of lump (our mascot) and the carpets.

There was a very amusing conversation at lunch about different people using abbreviations differently- Claire was talking about how BS could stand for bowel sounds or breath sounds, but the non-medical ringers were thinking of a completely different choice of words!

The tour was well attended with lots of freshers as well as the usual suspects and the day was enjoyed by all.

None of the freshers could make it in the evening as the Freshers ball fell on the same night, but that didnít stop everybody else from going for noodles and then drinking in the Devonshire Cat

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