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Intro Tour 2006 Tour

This year's Intro Tour was held on Saturday 21st October in the Peak District. We rang at Bamford, Castleton, Hope and Hathersage, getting around the churches by train so no one had to drive and we could all have a drink at lunchtime!

This year's Intro Tour Tour took the SUGCR into the Peaks with ringing planned for Hope, Hathersage, Castleton and Bamford.

We say planned...

We met at Sheffield station and arrived perfectly on time to ring at Bamford. So far, so good! The incredibly small cupboard/ringing chamber, however, raised a few issues involving someone standing Claire's camel bak causing a slight leak while ringing. This was quickly mopped up by Peter's property and sports pages from the Telegraph.

The day's disasters had begun!

Following ringing at Bamford we had a little while to wait so decided to do the only right and proper thing and get the local pub to open for us! After failing miserably at the Telegraph crossword we headed back to the station and, a bit peckish following a hard morning's work (ahem...), Jenny brought out her Jaffa cakes. Catherine amazed us all with her skilful tongue action; demonstrating the proper manner in which to lick the chocolate from the jaffa, followed by the jaffa from the sponge, and then devour the sponge. A delicate and intricate task!

Castleton had cancelled on us at rather short notice due to a preference for flowers over bellringers - the rudeness! So, whilst the villagers of Castleton enjoyed a Flower Festival, which would have been all the more entertaining with the accompaniment of a few bells ringing in the background (no, we're not bitter!), we settled down for what was a very satisfying lunch in the pub across the road!

Good food, beer and company was enjoyed by all and, although a much awaited banoffee pie turned out to be somewhat lacking in the banana department (despite a thorough investigation see photo) we were all set up for a good afternoon's ringing.

However, as Castleton had cancelled, our lunchtime was somewhat longer than expected so a few more beers and several amusing photos of Tom (Bond Tom, Evil Tom, etc.) later we headed on to Hope where, yes believe it or not, we did actually do some ringing!

Our last tower of the day was Hathersage; a grab for several members of the band. We traipsed up the ridiculously large hill to the church in the middle of a thunderstorm, eagerly awaiting a new tower.

Yes, you guessed it - a lockout!

Thunderstorm and a lockout. There was only one thing for it. Head to a couple more pubs.

So, in the end we managed to ring at only two out of four churches and visit four pubs instead of just the one for lunch.

Despite a lack of ringing, being drenched in a monster of a thunderstorm and probably a few more pubs than is deemed appropriate for a ringing outing, a good time was had by all and thanks was given to Jenny for a very entertaining tour.

Better luck next time with the actual ringing bit!


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