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Intro 2007 Tour

Saturday 20 October 2007

9.30-10.15Kirkby-in-Ashfield, Notts, 8, 8-3-3
11.30-12.15Mansfield, Notts, 8, 16-0-11
14.30-15.15Mansfield Woodhouse, Notts, 6, 17-2-20
17.00-17.45Worksop; St Anne, Notts 10, 15-1-8

Report by Claire and Jenny

This year we’ve picked up three new Freshers, two of whom are already ringers. Unfortunately Dan and Hannah were unable to make it on the day, which left us with a tour dedicated to one Fresher, Sarah.

It was an early start to an eventful day! It was still dark as we left the house, confirmed by the sight of drunken students stumbling home from the night before. All but one reached the station in good time and waited on the platform. Meanwhile Claire was waiting for a very late bus! The others piled on the train with Claire’s tickets ready and waiting for her, but unfortunately after a quick dash from the bus stop, Claire watched the train pull out of the station.

After a short train journey, we arrived into Worksop, only to be told that our connecting train was cancelled. We decided to check out the alternatives, so we walked into Worksop to find the bus station, only to be disappointed by the prospect of a lengthy journey. So back to the station for bacon sarnies and cups of tea, where we were finally joined by Claire.

Because of the transport issues, we cancelled the first tower and went directly to Mansfield, where we found a pub and indulged in hot orange squash, Wispas and a spot of pool. We were met by two chatty locals at the 8 in Mansfield where we did some serious ringing to work up an appetite.

After a short walk, we were in need of more sustenance so found a Wetherspoons for lunch. After Jenny had ploughed her way through a pie (that must have been bigger than her head!), we waddled the short distance to Mansfield Woodhouse, where we met by two locals, one of which appeared to be awestruck by the presence of both a Crabtree and an Oram! We rang very well considering how heavy the bells were (17.5cwt 6) and were requested to write down everything we rang in the visitors book, although Katy was severely reprimanded for nearly writing on the wrong page!

As Chris Bennett had now arrived in his car, we dispatched him with Catherine to scout for a pub. Unfortunately none were to be found, so we headed to the station to wait for the train. On the platform Jenny found a lonely looking mobile phone, with no one in sight. After looking through the phone’s contact list, we called “Dad”, and “Mum” was sent to rescue it.

We travelled back to Worksop on the train, with some light entertainment from cards and malteasers, where Chris B ferried us to the tower in his car. We found the bells challenging, due to a flighty front-end and elastic bands for ropes, but we managed to make a decent go of some surprise major. The ringing wasn’t helped by a blinding winter sun dazzling the victim ringing the third.

After a strenuous day, we piled back onto the train for a few more games of cards on the way back to Sheffield, and arrived just in time to watch the England rugby game.

Well done to Tom for organising an excellent day out, and thank you to everyone for coming!

The University of Sheffield, Western Bank, Sheffield, S10 2TN, UK