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Sheffield Universities' Guild of Change Ringers (SUGCR)
Sheffield Hallam University

NUA 2008 Tour - Leeds

Start: Friday 21st November 6:00pm
Finish: Sunday 23rd November 12:00 noon

The accomodation this year will be a hall - St. Matthias Church Centre, LS4 3DZ

The provisonal tower list will be as follows:
Friday: East Ardsley, Rothwell.
Saturday: Drighton, Idle, Calverley, LPC, Headingley, Far Headingly, Chapel Allerton, St Annes.
The striking competition will be held at St. Matthias, Burley.
Sunday: Hunslet, Armley.

Report by Sarah Green & Helen Scarf

This year we decided to attempt the NUA tour by minibus. This proved a good idea as the whole committee were together so could have their meeting whilst travelling. The meeting finished 5 minutes after arriving at the first tower, however this was not a problem as SUGCR were still the first to arrive. Stepping out of the door we realised it was going to be a cold weekend!

After ringing at two interesting towers we headed to what would be home for the weekend. Upon arrival we were greeted with a good buffet with an excellent selection of food and cake! Trips were then made to purchase vital refreshments and then we settled in for an evening of spoons, the knot game and catching up with old, and meeting new, friends.

Breakfast included bacon which was much appreciated and we were then eager to board the mini bus and set off for the day. That was until we stepped outside where the temperature had not improved from the night before! Aboard the bus we enjoyed snacks (left over from the girly social) and an interesting selection of music from Dan’s i-pod.

More ringers and smaller towers than usual left us often queuing on cold stairs, however we rang at all towers and the short break in-between was filled by socialising with other ringers. This is inevitable when stood on narrow spiral staircases!

Many towers later, it was time for lunch. General consensus amongst Sheffield and Durham ringers was Greggs, so off we went for sandwiches or pasties. As we had time to spare before the striking competition we headed into the church where we had previously rung following a hint that there was tea and cake to be found inside. Hot chocolate was enjoyed by many before rushing back to the hall where we were staying, next to the church where the striking competition was being held.

After rushing back, worried we were late for our slot we arrived at the church where everyone inside had no-idea what was going on. We found the tower door which was locked and headed back inside the hall to ask the chef what was going on. After hanging around for a few minutes we were fetched and led into the tower to ring our test piece of plain bob doubles. SUGCR came in 5th place with Durham ‘serious team’ gaining 1st place with Durham Surprise.

After the striking competition we managed to fall out of sync with the majority of ringers so went straight up to ring at all the afternoon towers with no queuing in the cold.

Dinner was a warming stew but those unable to get a second portion headed out to explore Leed’s chip shops. On their return the ceilidh was in full swing and after a quick dance it was time for the boat race. Sheffield came a very respectable second place, although, many felt that Nottingham (who came first) should have been disqualified due to unexpected ‘illness’ which ensued!

Amongst the fun of the ceilidh lump disappeared. He was found the following morning cold and wet under the front wheel of the minibus- car parks appear to have become the favourite destination for lump-nappers!

Breakfast was far too early Sunday morning and we arrived at the first tower at 8.30 with the early morning service still taking place. So we waited in the foyer for around 30 minutes before jumping over a lawnmower in the stairwell and heading up to the ringing chamber. After SUGCR had rung we headed back to the minibus and found we had been parked in! The car was moved and we headed home with those who weren’t asleep listening to Disney songs. We arrived back in Sheffield at 10am following a great weekend. Everyone was tired but still managed evening ringing at St. Maries.

The University of Sheffield, Western Bank, Sheffield, S10 2TN, UK