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Summer 2007 Tour - Oxford

Friday 31 August - Sunday 2 September

Report by Claire and Jenny

Summer Tour 2007

This year's Summer Tour was organised, run and hosted by Jenny, around her home in The Vale of The White Horse, Oxfordshire. Everyone arrived different ways: Claire and Tom in the car, with many diversions, and the others on trains and buses. Jenny spent the Friday afternoon chasing round the village hailing buses to collect the ringers off them.

When everyone had arrived, we began the task of pitching tents in Jenny's back garden, avoiding many obstacles such as guinea pigs, trampolines, and a half-felled tree! We abandoned the task in hand in favour of ringing at the fine bells in Highworth. With assistance from Crabtrees and others, we managed to have a good ring on the 8.

We headed back to hotel a la Crabtree and put the finishing touches to our weekend homes. After a long day we needed a hearty meal so we wandered into Shrivenham and got Chinese takeaway, followed by the pub where we had many games of Taboo. Unfortunately Lump had a little too much Old Rosie cider and spilt it all down himself!

We were woken on Saturday morning by the welcome smell of bacon sandwiches, wonderfully cooked by John. They prepared us well for the day of ringing ahead of us, which started with the anticlockwise 6 at Ashbury. It was here that we were joined by many of the alumni. The rest of mornings ringing was at Uffington and Longcot, which were a lovely little 8.

Lunch was at the pub in Shrivenham, where everyone had their fill, but Adrian still managed to squeeze in two puddings! After eating we made our way over to Coleshill where a wedding had just finished. We tramped our way through the wedding photos and clambered upstairs only to be a little disappointed by the uninspiring 6 that awaited us.

The next tower of the afternoon was Faringdon, an easy-going 8. Some of the ringers were a little put-off by ropes hitting the overhead network of clock chime wires, but we achieved some good ringing. We let ourselves in to the 6 at Shellingford, where a wide range of things were rung, including whole-pull and stand combined with jump call changes! A few of our very good ringers were very confused by this, which was most entertaining!

We returned to base camp and found that Jenny's Dad had lit the BBQ and started a bonfire with the aforementioned tree. We had a fun night cooking and sharing a barbequed feast over a few drinks. The highlight of the evening was authentic marshmallow toasting on sticks over a roaring fire.

Sunday morning started with a complicated relay of ringing for the service at Buscot, before everyone was reunited at the 10 of Shrivenham for our last ringing of the tour. Lump closed the tour with some skilful chiming of the Sanctus bell.

Thankyou to Jenny and the Crabtree household for organising the tour and allowing us to gatecrash their house for the weekend.

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